New magic laser welder

Shenzhen Nine Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in August 2011.We focused on providing customer  a complete set of laser processing solutions for 8 years, with "laser welding machine, precision laser cutting machine, laser marking machine” as the core products.Also we have our own professional designer to meet any of your requirement.

I want to introduce our new machine for you,handheld fiber wire filling laser welding machine.Applied material:aluminum,stainless steel,carbon steel,mild steel,galvanized sheet,copper,brass,red copper etc.


1.Easy to operate, no need welding work license, new user can also weld products beautifully.

2.Laser welding consumes less material and has a long-life.

3.Fast welding speed,2-3times of TIG/MIG,it can help you save at least two welders a year.

4.The weld seam is convex,firm and double-sided after welding.

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