Laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine,CO2 Laser Marking Machine,Portable Laser Marking Machine,Laser marking machine,laser marking machine market,fiber optic transmission speed market is the permanent marking of laser beams on various surfaces. robotic laser welding machine The effect of marking is to expose deep material through evaporation of surface material,fiber optic transmission speed or to "engrave" traces by chemical and laser welding machine market physical changes of surface material caused by continuous wave fiber laser, or to burn off part of the material by light energy, showing the pattern and text needed to be etched.It contains many different kinds of quality products,UV Laser marking and CO2 laser marking or Fiber laser marking,Safe use, Portable Laser Marking Machine powerful function, UV laser marking machine constantly meet our needs in the industry The service life is as long as 100,000 hours, and the electric and optical conversion rate is up to 30%, which is maintenance-free


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