Jewelry laser welding machine

Jewelry laser welding machine.laser welding machine market for jewelry, suitable for laser welding of gold jewelry, laser marking machine market silver jewelry,robotic laser welding machine laser spot welding of titanium alloy jewelry, fiber optic transmission speed of stainless steel jewelry, continuous wave fiber laser laser spot welding of all kinds of jewelry and manual laser welding of small metal parts specially for elevator, two-color board, decoration and decoration industry large area processing design. Maintenance-free, consumption-free and easy to operate, suitable for integration into industrial on-line production process; According to the principle of ergonomics,High speed, Tabletop jewelry welding machine high efficiency, suitable for mass processing requirements the working chamber is designed with built-in LED lighting device and built-in cross positioning mark in the microscope, which greatly improves the user experience and reduces the working intensity.Integrated laser welding machine


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