Mold Laser Welding Machine

Mold Laser Welding Machine.Cantilever laser welding machine,Split type laser welding machine,laser welding machin,Mold Laser Welding Machine,continuous wave fiber laser,laser welding machine market of mould was first called laser welding machine. laser welding machine market In the process of development, lcontinuous wave fiber laser of mould was also called laser repairing machine of mould. laser marking machine market But it uses conventional lfiber optic transmission speed method to realize local heating of small area robotic laser welding machine, such as laser welding machine, laser spot welding and laser repairing,Split type laser welding machine so as to achieve the objective of combining material melting It adopts the concentrator chamber imported from Britain, which is corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and has a lifetime of 8-10 years.Cantilever laser welding machine The pulsed xenon lamp has a lifetime of more than 10 million times of optical fiber output, which is convenient to be used with welding tables of different application scenarios and realize mass production of products


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