Standard CO2 Laser Marking Machine

1. Compact body design and high space utilization.
2. Imported laser source, stable performance, can continuous work, high repeat positioning accuracy.
3. The whole machine maintenance-free, wide range of applications, cost-effective


Features of this Standard CO2 Laser Marking Machine

CE Approval High Quality CO2 laser marking machine Imported laser source,stable performance,can continuous work,high repeat positioning accuracy.Compact body design and high space utilization.Standard CO2 Laser Marking Machine The whole machine maintenance-free,wide range of applications,cost-effective.Applications:Marking engraving for paper packaging, food and beverage packaging, PCB, stripping, plastic products, label paper, crystal, leather fabric, glass, ceramics, bamboo and wood products.Applied Materials:Can engrave a variety of non-metallic materials and some metal products, such as: bamboo products,CE Approval marking machine wood, CO2 laser marking machine acrylic, leather,laser marking machine market glass, paper products, rubber, buttons, It is suitable for welding standard consumer electronic products, High Quality marking machine carrying pipeline, saving labor and greatly increasing production capacity.Looking forward to your inquiry for this Flying CO2 laser marking machine

Parameters of this Standard CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Model NL-MK30 NL-MK50


30w 50w


10.64 um 10.64 um

Repetition Frequency Range

0-60 KHz 0-60 KHz

Output Power Stability

<3% <3%

Power Consumption

10~100 10~100

Control mode

PC+ Special use for marking software PC+ Special use for marking software

Standard marking range

110*110mm 110*110mm

Maximum marking range

300*200mm 300*200mm

Minimum marking range

50*50mm 50*50mm

Working mode

2D static state/flight 2D static state/flight

Marking speed

7000mm/s 7000mm/s

Minimum character

0.2mm 0.2mm

Minimum line width

0.015mm 0.015mm

Spot diameter

10mm 10mm

Industrial control computer


Cooling mode

Water-cooling 0.4P Water-cooling 0.4P

Working temperature

0~40℃ 0~40℃

Working humidity

10~75% 10~75%

Power demand

Single-phase AC220v/50Hz Single-phase AC220v/50Hz


Device power consumption


1560w 1630w


Equipment size


800*800*1350mm Length,width and height

800*800*1350mm Length,width and height


Size of chillers


500*400*650mm Length,width and height

500*400*650mm Length,width and height 

Whole machine weight

95KG 95KG

Chiller weight

41KG 41KG


Z axis height adjustable range


300mm 300mm
Environmental requirements No vibration, no interference source, keep ventilation. No vibration, no interference source, keep ventilation.
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