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Laser equipment is a machine that uses high-powered lasers to trim, cut, mark, or join various materials in sheet form. This equipment is used to process semiconductor waters, plastics, metals, human tissue, electronic material, medical devices, and more. What makes laser equipment even better is its effectiveness in processing wood, plastic, textiles, insulating materials, and other dielectric materials. This makes it very different from plasma cutting systems that cannot cut through non-conductive materials.

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Furthermore, laser equipment is so versatile that goes beyond 2D devices. Some laser machines like 3D laser processing equipment can drill, cut, and mark the 3D complex parts. This article provides you with detailed information about various laser equipment from China’s leading laser engraving companies and the consideration factors.

We’ll discuss;

  •  Laser cutting machine
  •  Laser welding machine
  •  Laser cleaning machine
  • Laser marking machines

Consideration factors for laser equipment


Laser equipment consists of a laser, laser optics, power supply, beam delivery components, and other subsystem components like equipment enclosures, shuttle pallets, workpiece monitors or sensors, beam injectors, and manipulators.

The laser beam delivery subsystem consists of a laser head, laser galvanometer scanner, and other optical components. Since laser processing equipment comes in different types, it is essential to know exactly what type of laser machine you need.


When looking at laser equipment specifications, you have to analyze the laser specifications, capacity, and speed. Other capacity parameters to consider include thickness, length, transverse, X and Z-axis travel. Laser specifications include the laser type and output power. Ideally, most laser cutting and laser welding machines use CO2 lasers or diode lasers.


Laser equipment features CNC controllers that adjust speed, travel position, beam delivery factors, air/gas flow, and more. Currently, laser equipment programmed or controlled via a computer interface is also available. However, other laser equipment that is semi-automatic is loaded and set up by an expert.


With various laser engraving companies, laser cutting equipment now poses different benefits. Since they are designed differently, ensure to evaluate all the benefits. The machine has to be very effective and with high cutting speed for productivity.

More so, it should consume less power, and the time it takes to cut. The laser machine should be well maintained to increase its efficiency for the machine to work correctly. Always follow the company guidelines for the maintenance of a specific device. Lastly, laser machines are automated, meaning they should be easy to load, unload, store, and compact for easy use.

A guide to laser equipment

Shenzhen Ninelaser Technology Company limited offers laser equipment suitable for small to high-volume pr-+oduction lines. These machines are well engineered and designed to lower manufacturing costs. Purchasing any of the listed laser equipment comes with lots of benefits; comprehensive laser choices; optimized product line; and flexibility in operational and integration.

Ninelaser Technology Company is not only the leading but an influential laser equipment manufacturer in the application industry. The prices offered are friendly for each machine and you can place an order with us today.

Types of laser cutting machines

At Shenzhen Ninelaser Technology Co., Ltd, we specialize in the research and development of laser equipment. There are three main types of laser equipment we manufacture.  These machines are well built similarly but differ in power ranges therefore each cut through various materials.

laser equipment

Laser cutting machine

A laser cutting machine is a CNC machine, a manufacturing tool used by designers to cut through flat materials. These machines have cutters that pierce through any material to cut out patterns. Laser cutters are very popular because of their versatility.

Furthermore, they are commonly used in the industrial sector to design, raster, and cut large material pieces. Hardware companies use laser clutters to create quick prototypes. Low power laser cutters are used to cut plastics, wood, cardboard, and paper. Conversely, high-powered laser cutters cut through much thicker materials and metals.

Laser welding machines

Laser welding is a type of non-contact process that facilitates the assembly of metal parts by a laser beam. Welding machines are perfect for applications that need higher speeds and low thermal distortions. A laser welding machine is widely used in various welding and automation processes. They are suitable for various industrial sectors like electronics, medical industry, automotive sector, and tool-making industry.

As laser equipment are known for their high-performing speed and other great benefits, laser welding machines come with various benefits. Laser welding machines are;

  • Highly accurate
  • Can be commanded digitally
  • Have high precision
  • Flexible and durable

When selecting laser welding equipment, laser engraving companies allow you to select between pulsed and continuous laser. The choice you make depends on the type of material being welded. The pulsed layer works best for light and thin metals whereas continuous layers work best for welding thick parts. Also, there are three configurations to choose from; manual, automatic, or semi-automatic.

Laser cleaning machines

Laser cleaning machines are cleaning tools that use pulsed lasers. This laser consists of an automatic control operating system, beam transmission shaping unit, a laser, protection unit, and cleaning quality detection. Laser cleaning machines have become essential in many industries and most laser engraving companies are offering this equipment. Some of its advantages include accurate positioning, low maintenance cost, and an automated assembly line. These machines are perfect for oil, paint, glue, dust, slag, mold cleaning, and rust removal.

Laser marking machines

Laser marking machines uses a laser beam to hit the material, the energy reacts by leaving a permanent mark. A laser beam speed, power, and focus lead to various laser processes. In this process, there are also other alternatives that laser engraving companies offer; laser engraving, etching, annealing, and ablation. When selecting a laser marking machine, it’s vital to consider the expected workload, material, marking surfaces, line speed, and environmental conditions.

Shenzhen Ninelaser Technology Co., Ltd is considered China’s leading laser engraving company offering high-quality laser equipment. The listed laser equipment above is what Ninelaser Company offers to its clients. We offer a complete set of laser processing solutions based on customer demands and needs. For inquiries, contact us.

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