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Are you looking for the best metal laser cutting service at reasonable prices? Well. Firstly, you need to know about what is a laser cutting and metal laser cutting machine.

About laser cutting and metal laser cutting machine

Laser cutting is a modern technology that involves using a focused, high-powered beam of coherent light to cut through materials. To ensure a clean-cut, materials hit by the laser are vaporized and blown away by gases. There are various types of lasers and all are used depending on the material needs shaping. These also rely on programming to carry out a specific pattern of cuts for creating one or more finished parts. Generally, a laser cutting machine is used to cut specific parts in materials ranging from aluminum to composite to acrylic to wood. As it is more flexible, doing quickly with the accuracy of this method, it is becoming more popular and used in industries including the aerospace, general manufacturing, automotive, medical, and electronic fields.

laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machines are one kind of laser cutter equipment and provide metal laser cutting service. It is used to cut and process different metal materials. There are different types of laser cutters in the market but mainstream the market is the co2 laser cutter, fiber laser cutter, and YAG laser cutter. Among all of them, the co2 laser cutting machine is better and it has a strong cutting ability and wide range. But fiber laser cutter is the latest technology, coupled with relatively low technical requirements and the metal fiber laser cutter equipment is gradually popular.

Features of the Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Metal laser cutting machine is very popular because of its wonderful features. This machine gives metal laser cutting service.  Here, I represent some common features of these services.

  • High legibility: It is suitable for cutting precision parts of various craftsmanship and paintings.
  • It has a fast speed of more than 100 times that of wire cutting.
  • The cutting seam is smooth and accurate without subsequent processing.
  • It gives you high-cost performance and its price is only 1/3 of the same performance co2 laser cutting machine and 2/5 CNG punching machine.
  • The use cost and follow-up maintenance are very low.
  • As stable performance to ensure continuous production, you can choose metal laser cutting servicefrom reliable NINE.

Laser Cutting Machine

Advantages and Types of laser metal cutting Machine

Metal laser cutting machines give many advantages. Firstly, it gives a metal laser cutting service and then provides the following advantage. There are various types of laser cutting machines. Among them here about best two category machines are described below.

 The precision laser cutting machine is used for cutting and punching different thickness metal plates. It has an integrated design and a compact and reliable structure. It cuts double drive mood and has high efficiency and high speed. Its optical path is maintenance-free and the whole machine is optical fiber transmission. Another is the Large-area laser cutting machine which is mainly used for cutting and punching different thickness metal plates like stainless steel plates, ordinary carbon steel plates, etc. It also has advantages is a high precision laser cutting head, high response, and high convenient adjustment.

Laser metal cutting products

Purchase Metal Laser Cutting Machine In NINE

NINE offers custom on-demand metal laser cutting machines in nearly limitless capacity. Welcome to our Manufacturing Partner network. Our metal laser cutting machine gives you the perfect metal laser cutting service. We focus on customer development and innovation. We provide a complete set of laser processing solutions with a laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, precision laser cutting machine, and laser marking machine. These are the core products and formed three series of products for advertising. Our products manufacture with different segments, different scales, and different applications than other industries. It also prioritizes targeted solutions. If you want, you can know about materials, able to know your details and the size of the project in a few clicks. As it is a complex welded enclosure, you can know and lead time in seconds with our instant quoting feature. So, don't late check out our site and get the information on our other high-quality, cost-effective solutions, including cutting and bending services, to find out how we can make your project a reality and portable.

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