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Origin of channel letter laser welding machine

Channel letters are decorative letters, commonly known as signboards. Channel letters are divided into metal channel letters and non-metal channel letters. Non metal channel letters do not need to be welded, while metal letters need to be welded. Metal channel letters are made of stainless steel, brass, tinplate, galvanized plate, cold-rolled plate and other metal plates. Since the traditional argon arc welding is easy to produce burn marks on the reverse side when welding thin metal, it is obviously deformed after burning, The use of thick metal plates is costly and heavy, which increases the difficulty of outdoor installation. Therefore, only 0.3-3MM metal plate is suitable. Laser welding equipment manufacturers' special laser welding machines for channel letters have been used in channel letters industry for many years and continuously improved, and new welding methods have been found for advertising welding process. Channel letter laser welding machine belongs to a kind of laser welding machine, which generally uses YAG solid-state laser. Laser welding machines for channel letters are widely used at home and abroad. Most of the advertising industry in Asian countries also use laser welding technology to weld metal channel letters.

Channel letter laser welding machine

Application of channel letter laser welding machine

The channel letter laser welding machine is generally used in the production industry of metal channel letters. The channel letters are divided into metal channel letters and non-metal channel letters. The metal channel letters are first cut into the required flat metal shapes by the laser cutting machine, and then the metal belt is bent into the shape of the font outer frame by the channel letter bending machine. The channel letter laser welding machine welds the word frame and the flat words to form a cylindrical shape with a bottom, The frame height of metal channel letters varies from 15mm indoor to 100mm outdoor. The materials that can be welded by the channel letter laser welding machine are: stainless steel, brass, galvanized plate, tinplate, white iron sheet, cold rolled plate, etc. Materials are mainly selected according to the level of channel letters. Among the relevant materials, stainless steel is easy to polish and brass is easy to electroplate. It belongs to high-grade channel letter, which are generally used for indoor decoration. Places where the naked eye can directly see the production effect, such as the front desk, room number, indicator board and other areas, belong to small and medium-sized decorative characters. Other metal channel letters are generally used for outdoor large-scale channel letter. After welding, the painting process is adopted to prevent rusting. Because of outdoor, it is difficult to see the fineness of the production, which belongs to the type of slightly rough process. Non metallic channel letters are generally made of plexiglass, plastic, sawdust board, wood board, plywood and other materials. Narrow band saw, CNC computer milling machine, CO2 laser cutting machine, etc. are used for processing, and non-metal channel letters do not need laser welding.


Composition of channel letter laser welding machine

The channel letter laser welding machine is composed of three parts: main machine, workbench and chiller. Install a metal column on the panel of the workbench, adjust the welding position between the frame and the flat plate to the clear position of the CCD camera system, and then adjust the focus system to ensure that the welding position is about 2mm away from the negative defocus of the laser. Note: if the laser focus is adjusted to the welding position, the energy is too concentrated, and it is easy to puncture the metal plate, resulting in poor welding, so defocus welding is required. The position of out of focus welding shall be adjusted according to the size of laser energy. During the welding operation, press the metal strip vertically to the work table and close to the metal column, and keep moving the metal word at 90 ° to the plate word, so that the position of the metal letter welding can move continuously relative to the metal column. The laser welding click is hit at the connection of the 90 ° internal angle, forming a welding pool and rapidly melting, thus forming a complete welding process. Since the laser melts and solidifies instantaneously, it has little thermal impact on the periphery and the welding part is not easy to deform. At the same time, the channel letter laser welding machine can adjust the size of the welding spot, and it needs to adjust the laser beam expansion system and laser processing parameters. The effect of the final welding is to keep the laser from penetrating the metal and the welding is firm. Due to the cost, the manufacturers of metal channel letter use the cheaper material of galvanized plate compared with stainless steel. However, the zinc layer on the surface of galvanized plate has a great impact on welding, and it is easy to cause unstable welding and spatter. In view of this phenomenon, NINE channel letter laser welding machine adopts a waveform adjustable laser power supply. After optimizing the single pulse waveform, the above phenomenon is significantly reduced, The welding effect reaches the welding effect of stainless steel and has obvious cost advantage. In addition, for the welding of large outdoor channel letter, due to the large font size and large welding workload,NINE launched a handheld channel letter laser welding machine, with an optical fiber line of 5 meters long, which can weld large channel letter, reducing the labor intensity of operators and improving production efficiency.

Channel letter laser welding machine

Other uses of channel letter laser welding machine

The channel letter laser welding machine is mainly used for metal welding. In addition to welding metal channel letters, it can also weld other metal parts. It is required to use argon gas to protect the welding parts from oxidation. Weldable products such as: mold, jewelry, hardware, metal sand hole repair, etc

Advantages of laser welding:

  • The heat input can be reduced to the minimum required amount, the heat influence range is small, and the deformation caused by heat conduction is also minimum.
  • No need to use electrodes, no fear of electrode contamination or damage.
  • When welding thin materials, there will be no trouble of remelting like arc welding.
  • It is not affected by the magnetic field (arc welding and electron beam welding are easy), and can accurately align the weldment.

Robot laser welding

What you need to know about the handheld laser welding machineļ¼Ÿ

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