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Is industrial laser cleaning best for your best?

With technological advancements in industrial laser cleaning, manufacturers are now more aware of how helpful and to what extent laser cleaning helps. Laser cleaning is currently effective in general industrial applications, including the aerospace and automotive industries. With the increased industrial demand for laser cleaning machines, laser cleaning costs tend to vary.

Industrial laser cleaning

Industrial laser cleaning is done by using a pulsed laser, which will replace traditional cleaning methods with time. Laser cleaning can help remove paint, oxide, dust, and other contaminants from the metal surface. Additional application of this device includes tool cleaning, mold cleaning, surface preparation, and weld cleaning.

If you're considering a laser cleaning business, there is much to consider. You have to know that the type of laser you select will produce the best result and ensure optimal performance. After considering laser cleaning cost and their factors for your business, which laser cleaning machine is suitable for your business?

How industrial laser cleaning works

Laser cleaning machines are cost-friendly, but to determine if it's the best investment for your business, understanding how it works is vital. A laser cleaning machine has thousands of laser pulses that are used per second to absorb the contaminants that build up and are safe to remove. The best laser cleaning solution will produce precision cleaning without causing any damage to the substrate. Contaminants buildup affects the device's operation and reduces the equipment's lifespan.

Industrial laser cleaning

Pros and Cons of industrial laser cleaning


Apart from removing contaminants without causing damage to the machine, industrial laser cleaning also captures and contains hazardous materials like asbestos, lead paints, and coatings. Meaning that laser cleaning is environmentally friendly for use and does not cause wastage. The advantages include;

  • Coating preparations
  • Nuclear decontamination
  • Welding and bonding treatments
  • Surface preparation for NDI


Though laser cleaning comes with lots of benefits, it can only be disadvantageous if you don’t know the right product to use. This includes cleaning applications where laser use is not vital, like grinding or media blasting.

But, Nine laser industrial laser cleaning machines can be customized to suit various environments. The laser cleaning cost of the machine is perfect for its high efficiency.

Industrial laser cleaning

Is industrial laser cleaning safe?

Industrial laser cleaning is among the safest form of cleaning if used properly. They are safe for both employees and environmental use. You'll only need safety glasses and an optical hazard zone to use. At times, an enclosure may be required for small cleaning applications. By purchasing from Nine laser manufacturers, you get comprehensive laser safety and cleaning training.

Industrial laser cleaning

Which is the best laser solution?

Finding the right laser solution depends on the products that need cleaning, the environment being used, the contaminants you want to remove, and the cost of laser cleaning. Ninelaser cleaning solutions are all tested and have passed the entire lab test. We can also offer a custom build laser solution suitable for your environments and applications. You get to select between low, Mid, and high-powered laser solutions, all cost-efficient.

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