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Handheld welding is flexible and convenient. Besides, it produces beautiful and firmer seams compared to TIG and argon arc welding. The laser handheld welding machine, in particular, may be used to weld stainless steel sheets, galvanized sheets, and even iron sheets. Also, it can be used to weld aluminum sheets to result in very consistent and high-quality products.

handheld welding

The problem you are likely to face is using and maintaining handheld laser welding machines. However, if properly used and maintained, a laser handheld welding machine produces concentrated heat sources that allow the expert to deep weld. Continue reading this post to see how you can use and maintain the machine.

Using The Handheld  Laser Welding

To effectively use the handheld welding machine, you may need to undergo some training. This will help you understand buttons and system indicators. You will also learn how to inspect the wiring to protect yourself and those around you from possible accidents.

You may also need to learn how to reduce accidents when using laser welding machines. For instance, it is forbidden to place flammable and liquid objects on the control cabinet. Also, ensure that the room temperature from where you will be working does not exceed 35° C. Besides, there should be no leakage of electricity, water or air.

Maintenance of  The Laser Welding

The cooling mode of the welding machine can suck dust from the surrounding area. Continued use makes air accumulate inside the machine. As a result, you need to find a way to clean the dust that accumulates in the machine regularly.  

Other than the cleaning, ensure to check the connection parts and replace any defective parts. Also, you may need to repair deteriorations, damaged shells and damaged parts. Other things you need to do are:

  • Checking and replacing copper nozzle
  • Check the water level of the chiller
  • Replace the protective lens regularly

When you clean and maintain the handheld laser welder regularly, you reduce the chances of failure. Furthermore, regular maintenance extends the life of the handheld welding machine and improves its efficiency. This is vital as it ensures that the machine's performance is always optimal.

handheld welding

Note that you must clean the handheld laser machine regularly to ensure efficiency. Firstly, the cooling water needs to be pure to guarantee consistent output. Ensure to check the internal circulating water at least once per month and replace pure water. Also, check the color changes in the exchange column and pay closer attention to any resin color change. If it changes to black or brown, replace it.   

handheld welding

Thus, the daily maintenance of a handheld laser welding machine is necessary if you want to continue enjoying its service. Therefore, ensure you carry out regular equipment inspections and replace the pure water as often as possible.

NINE laser has many kinds of laser welding machines and we provide quality laser solutions. We support the testing of samples before the sale and video training on the use of the machine after the sale. If you have any questions, you can give us feedback. For more details, please visit

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