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Electronic and electrical industry

Solution overview

In the electronic and electrical industry, SMT surface mount technology is a popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry, which promotes the miniaturization and multifunction of electronic products and provides conditions for mass production and low defect rate production. At the same time, the wide application of SMT also makes itself develop into a huge industry.

Laser technology is widely used in SMT industry, covering various subdivided fields such as template cutting, welding, plate splitting, marking, cutting, drilling, FPC cutting, precision coding and so on.

  • Automatic PCB laser precision coding system is a professional laser processing equipment that uses laser to engrave one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, text, symbol or graphics on the surface of PCB and other materials. It is a full-automatic laser coding system, which is composed of laser marking system, precision motion platform and upper and lower plate positioning system. It is suitable for marking content on the surface of various materials such as PCB, semiconductor LCD and semiconductor chip. The system can complete the functions of automatic feeding, accurate positioning, laser marking, inspection and reading, automatic discharge and so on.
  • The full-automatic laser PCB precision coding system mainly faces two groups of customers. One is the SMT workshop of major high-tech production and manufacturing enterprises (it is characterized by that the PCB board is small and medium-sized board, and the size of the board is generally within 450mm * 450mm, which is generally called the full-automatic laser precision coding system for small and medium-sized PCB). The other is its upstream manufacturers PCB base materials are specially provided for the above class of customers (its feature is that the PCB board is a large board, and the size of the board is generally more than 630mm * 760mm, which is generally called large format PCB full-automatic laser precision coding system).
Laser equipment marking QR code features:
  • 1. Precision: the supporting light source adopts short wave cold laser, standard green light, and the mark is clearer. The line width can reach 0.02mm and the minimum word height can reach 0.3mm; The thermal effect around the code engraving is very low, and there is no burning to materials and products; The control depth can reach 0.08mm; Minimum code 1.5mmx1 5mm. The resolution can reach 400DPI; If there are special requirements, the maximum resolution can reach 800dpi; High resolution;
  • 2. Wide matching: Naien laser is not only equipped with green laser and ultraviolet high-end cold light source laser, but also can be equipped with infrared light source according to customer requirements, such as optical fiber 1064nm laser and CO2 10.64um laser. We can select CO2 laser for green oil coding, with a minimum coding of 2mmx2mm; Because of the spot diameter, the resolution can reach up to 300dpi;
  • 3. Good effect: the marking effect of the laser marking machine is permanent and will not disappear with friction or evaporation, which is more difficult to be imitated; Code quality of grade C, grade B and grade a can be printed according to different materials;
  • 4. High processing efficiency: it only takes 0.5 seconds to hit a 4mmx4mm QR code on the green oil board, and other times will be adjusted according to different materials and requirements; Moreover, the laser marking machine has a wide range of processing, can mark metal and non-metallic materials, and has low requirements for materials;
  • 5. Non contact machining: no loss / low loss. Compared with the traditional method, the laser marking machine adopts non-contact processing, no consumption of consumables, no toxicity and no pollution. The marking is completed at one time, and the energy consumption in the processing process is very small.


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