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Jewellery Industry

Solution overview

In the jewelry decoration industry, the traditional processing technology has high growth and long cycle. Laser processing technology has relatively significant advantages. In recent years, laser processing technology is more and more widely used in jewelry industry, including laser welding, laser rapid prototyping technology, laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting and grinding.

  • Laser welding has obvious advantages over traditional welding technology: the introduction of rapid prototyping technology greatly shortens the time from jewelry pattern to original plate; The use of laser marking and laser engraving enriches the means of jewelry surface treatment, which can further meet the personalized needs of jewelry; Laser cutting and grinding can achieve small loss. Laser processing technology is playing a more and more important role in jewelry industry.
Solution application
  • 1.Jewelry laser marking
  • Laser surface marking technology is an earlier laser processing technology. It uses the shallow layer of evaporated and ablated materials to produce the required marks. Compared with the traditional jewelry marking technology, its main advantages are as follows: 1 Using computer control, it is easier to change the graphics; 2. Laser processing is adopted for fine depiction to meet the requirements of high efficiency and fast pace of modern production; 3. The material has wide applicability and good durability, and can ensure the accuracy of jewelry without external force; 4. Flexible processing mode, suitable for any batch production; 5. Environmental protection and no pollution.
  • 2.Jewelry laser welding
  • Laser welding has the characteristics of high welding strength and speed and low scrap rate. It is widely used in jewelry manufacturing. Compared with traditional welding technology, it has the following advantages: 1 High speed, high strength, small deformation, no need to straighten and clean after welding; 2. It is suitable for welding precision workpieces to ensure processing quality; 3. High assembly accuracy, which is conducive to the development of new processes; 4. Good consistency and stability; 5. Workpiece repair can be simplified; 6. Environmental protection and no pollution; 7. Save processing metal materials.
  • 3.Jewelry laser engraving
  • Laser engraving works in the form of continuous or repeated pulses, which is assisted by protective gas to prevent oxidation. Laser engraving can be regarded as a linear extension of laser marking technology. Under appropriate focusing, some laser points with a laser diameter of 30um can carve very small patterns. Engraving in an area of 1mm square is not only beautiful, but also has anti-counterfeiting function.


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