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Mobile communication industry

Solution overview

In the current production process of high-end mobile phones, laser welding machine technology plays an important role in product volume optimization and quality improvement, making the products lighter, thinner and more stable.


1. Application of laser welding machine in mobile phone middle frame, outer frame and shrapnel The mobile phone shrapnel, like a hub connecting 4G and 5G, connects the aluminum alloy middle frame with other material structural parts of the mobile phone middle plate. The metal shrapnel is welded on the conductive position by laser welding, which plays the role of oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Materials such as gold-plated aluminum, copper-plated steel and gold-plated steel can also be welded to the mobile phone by laser as shrapnel.

  • 2. Application of laser welding machine in USB data line power adapter of mobile phone USB data cable and power adapter play an important role in our life. At present, many domestic manufacturers of electronic data cable use laser welding process to weld them.
  • 3. Application of laser welding machine between metal parts in mobile phoneThere are many metal parts inside the mobile phone, so they need to be connected together. Common mobile phone parts welding include resistance capacitor laser welding, mobile phone stainless steel nut laser welding, mobile phone camera module laser welding and mobile phone RF antenna laser welding. The laser welding machine does not need tool contact in the process of welding the mobile phone camera, which avoids the device surface damage caused by the contact between the tool and the device surface, and has higher machining accuracy. It is a new microelectronic packaging and interconnection technology, which can be perfectly applied to the machining process of various metal parts in the mobile phone.
  • 4. Application of laser welding machine in mobile phone chip and PCB boardMobile phone chip usually refers to the chip applied to mobile phone communication function. PCB board is the support of electronic components and the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. With the development of mobile phone to light and thin, the traditional tin welding is not suitable for welding the internal parts of mobile phone. Since its development, laser welding has continuously penetrated into every industry. With welding efficiency and quality, laser welding has high efficiency, good quality and long service life. It can realize automatic production, and many manufacturers are using it.


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