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Shipbuilding Industry

Solution overview

s a necessary process in ship manufacturing and repair, cleaning is mainly used in the two stages of steel plate pretreatment and sectional pretreatment of new ships, as well as rust removal and paint removal in ship repair. Although the current sandblasting process is relatively mature and efficient, it still has its technical defects. For example, the roughness of pretreatment exceeds the standard. Sandblasting process cannot be used on luxury cruise ships and other high-end ships. Its environmental pollution and physical damage to workers engaged in sandblasting operations for a long time can not be underestimated. The sand blasting process has serious pollution and is not environmentally friendly. Moreover, in addition to steel sand, this operation also consumes a lot of water, electricity and labor, which is easy to cause serious occupational diseases for workers engaged in sand blasting for a long time.

  • Laser cleaning replaces the traditional sand blasting and grinding process, which undoubtedly makes the shipbuilding industry full of expectations.
Solution advantages
  • Laser cleaning equipment is easy to operate. It can be cleaned without chemical reagent, medium and water by switching on the power supply. It can adjust the focus manually and clean the surface with high cleanliness. It can remove resin, grease, stain, dirt, rust, coating, coating, paint and so on.
  • Laser cleaning technology can solve the problems that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning methods because of its characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. It is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution. Laser cleaning has great market potential in ship manufacturing, repair, port machinery, offshore platforms, containers and other fields. Laser cleaning technology is used to replace the traditional cleaning methods with high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency, so that the cleaning industry will no longer become the pain of environmental protection.


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