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Pre sales service

Provide corresponding technical guidance and complete set of equipment data according to customer needs; Answer various questions raised by customers, assist customers or design laser processing schemes for customers from the perspective of technical feasibility; Provide equipment for customers to visit, make sample and test machine.

On sale service

According to the actual situation on site, assist users in planning and designing production sites, water, electricity and gas equipment, etc. Provide customers with a full set of equipment operation instructions, and provide free video training for users' equipment operators.

After-sale service

After receiving the equipment, the user shall carry out daily equipment maintenance and safe operation training for the user's equipment operators to ensure that the user can master the operating procedures and methods as soon as possible, and be able to use the equipment independently for production.Our equipment has one year guarantee. During the warranty period, the company will also conduct regular maintenance and inspection of the equipment with the user's video from time to time to answer the questions raised by the user.


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